What to buy in Ha Long as a gift?

What to buy as a gift when traveling to Ha Long? Let’s check some of these local products in here.
Seafood: This is typical food when traveling to Ha Long, with the main dishes are dried squid, sea worms, squid pie which is mostly sold in Cai Dam market, Ha Long 1 market, Ha Long 2 market.

Dried squid – gifts in Ha Long for tourists

Good dried squid have pink color with a little bit white dust cover all the body. It’s smelled kind fishy but very unique. When tearing the squid you can see its meat look like cotton yam, very small and white.
Opposite with dried squid, squid pie use fresh squid which has just been caught in the night before. Squid pie have a very pleasant flavor, mixed of sweet and salty of sea.

To buy good Sipunculus nudus, tourists should choose the one has thick body, ivory white, from 7cm to 15cm length, has beautiful aroma. The dried Sipunculus nudus roasted until yellow, smell good is a delicious dish. It is eaten with many herbs, cilantro,…and a cup of beer.

Dried Sipunculus nudus – gifts in Ha Long for tourists

With the squid pie you should taste before buying, the type of delicious squid pie will have good smell, a little bit brittle. The well known squid shops are Lei Hien (Cai Dam), Kim Thoa, Hoai Phuong (Ha Long 1 Market)…

Squid pie – gifts in Ha Long for tourists

Souvenirs: Popular souvenirs in Ha Long are products made from the shell of sea creatures (mosaic of pearls, pearl’s shells) and coral. Famous places to shop souvenirs is in Hon Gai or Halong night market.

Popular souvenirs in Ha Long are products made from the shell of sea creatures

A few note guests when buying gifts in Ha Long for tourists:
When shopping you should remember to check the correct weight and should bargain before buying.
If you use overnight service on cruise, you should not bring food or drinks because you will be charged extra fee.