About Us

1.Why Oriental Sails?

Oriental Sails is owned and managed by A Travel Mate (ATM) Company. Since the inception, We were proud to provide the finest tours for travelers. Catching up with the rising demand and updating the latest travel trends around the world, ATM has launched a special tour on Halong Bay – Sleeping overnight on our luxury boats: Oriental Sails, Calypso Cruises and Starlight Cruise.

While Oriental Sails and Calypso Cruises are designed in time-honoured traditional style, Starlight Cruise is the most modern ship with contemporary and luxurious cabins and facilities compared to the rest of Halong Bay cruises. The entire cruise fleet is well equipped with safety guidelines.
Being one of the leading companies in Halong Bay tours, we are now widely known as the favorite choice of many travelers. What better way to experience the natural beauty and spectacular seascape of this UNESCO World Heritage site than onboard an Oriental Sails.

2.Oriental Sails overview

Oriental Sails Company was founded in March 2009 specializing in providing overnight accommodation service in Halong bay with three levels: superior, deluxe and luxury, Oriental Sails now is one of leading companies to offer Halong cruises.


Oriental Sails, with two cruises 1 & 2, is a superior cruise directing to standard services. Oriental Sails 1 (18 cabins) was born in 2009 and newly renovated in 2014 while Oriental Sails 2 (8 cabins) is newer, was organized in 2011. These are wooden vessels, with the design focused on the Orient characteristics.




Calypso Cruises steel boat with sturdy double bottoms, with two cruises I & II, built in 2018. Each cruise consists of 20 luxury cabins, Calypso Cruises I & II 4 stars are the fifth, sixth cruise in the fleet of Oriental Sails Jsc with the impressive slogan: “The Timeless Experience of Lan Ha bay.” Calypso Cruises will help you to record exciting emotions and even the most memorable moments when cruising on Lan Ha Bay


Starlight CruiseStarlight Cruise is the latest product, was launched in July 2013 with the aim to serve the luxury groups of customers. Until now Starlight Cruise is considered as the safest cruise in Halong bay with the double bottom design. Starlight has 32 cabins equipped with the most comfortable furniture; each room is furnished with double Jacuzzi, especially 2 suites with area 50 m2 with private balcony.



Besides, Oriental Sails fleet has successfully organized a lot of events, weddings, birthdays. The board and entire staff always work best with a target that is providing the best, safety and comfortable services for guests. As the results, the comfort and cheerfulness of guests are truly our greatest gifts.

3.Oriental Sails experience

orientalsails kayaking in halong cruise

Onboard activities: exploring gorgeous caves, kayaking and swimming in the fresh water or climbing stiff rocks rising out of breathtaking Lan Ha bay are energetic activities while if you want to relax, Tai Chi practicing in the morning, sunbathing or capturing photos from sundecks are very suitable ones. Outings to islands, pearl farm in the bay, cooking classes and the listed activities are just the sample of activities onboard in Oriental Sails cruises.



starlight cruises massage halong baySpa and Massage: We offer beauty spa and Massage service on Calypso and Starlight Cruise. The combination of fresh air, crystal water, warming hands of staff and homey architecture offers a unique revitalize.





starlight-cruises-taichi-halong-bay.jpgTopside sundeck: It’s the perfect place for you to relax and soak up the views. Just simply enjoying a cup of cocktail, watching the sun wane away into twilight in the bay and socializing with other people, all contribute to a memorable trip.





Starlight CruisesDining room and bar: Our food features the tradition, the fresh and the exquisite. The elegant, cozy and spacious restaurants also enhance your taste in scenic splendor Halong bay.





4. Onboard safety


Oriental Sails cruises welcome you onboard. For your safety and comfort, we introduce you some guidelines before your tour in Halong Bay. You have to bring: Original passport, swimsuits, sunglasses, insect repellent, credit card or cash.

• Special requests on food (diet or vegetarian): please inform us before departure.

• Passenger’s passport is required to bring along the trip for overnight registration.

• Passenger’s personal information is required to send to the reservation before departure.

• The cruises’ itineraries are subject to change due to weather, tide levels and operating

conditions without prior notice.

• Promotion might be applied, inclusions and exclusions might be changed – you will be

informed of changes upon booking.

• For safety reasons, these below passengers are not highly recommended to do overnight

cruise in Halong Bay:

— Person with disability: physical or sensory

— Person who has symptoms of hallucinations, sleepwalking, fear of being enclosed,


— Person who is older than 80

— Person who is overweight (>120kg)