Updated Latest Halong Bay Routes and Ticket Prices for 2024

Halong Bay Route 1: Van Canh Park

When you buy a ticket to visit Route 1, you will be able to explore the following tourist destinations:

Thien Cung Cave is one of the most beautiful and famous caves in Ha Long Bay, with many stalactites that create many unique images. Exploring Thien Cung Cave is like looking at works of art because it is not simply about admiring the unique landscape of the impressive stalactite system but also about exploring the cultural and historical values of the cave.

Dau Go Cave, known as the cave of wonders and associated with historical legends, is quiet and majestic amidst the clouds and water of Ha Long Bay. Looking at the stalagmites and stalactites combined with the outside light, the artist in you will emerge to visualize these stalactites’ unique shapes.

Cho Da Islet is merely a block of limestone, but it attracts thousands of tourists to admire it. You will be impressed by a stone in the shape of a giant 8-meter-high dog sitting with its back to the sea as a symbol of keeping watch for people’s safe sailing trips.

Ba Hang Cave: Maybe because this is a system of three interconnected underground caves, it is called Ba Hang Cave. A unique point is that when the tide drops to the lowest level the three mysterious caves will appear, and boats can pass through them. Passing through the cave, you will appreciate a lake separating from the sea.

Dinh Huong Rock  is a famous landmark, a beautiful small island, and a sacred symbol that encounters Halong’s clouds, sky, and blue sea background. Dinh Huong Rock has the shape of the top of an incense burner. It looks imposing, and one could easily imagine it as a massive incense burner set atop four thin slabs of stone, yet it is substantial. Dinh Huong Rock is a famous landmark, a beautiful small towering rock, and a sacred symbol that encounters Halong’s clouds, sky, and blue sea background. Dinh Huong rock has the shape of the top of an incense burner. It looks imposing, and one could easily imagine it as a massive incense burner set atop four thin slabs of stone, yet it is substantial. Incense islet which was honored to be the image printed on 200,000 Viet Nam money.

Ho Ga Choi (Ga Choi Rocks): is formed by two rocks whick you will immediately think of the magnificent pair of rocks in the shape of two chickens are fighting in the middle of the sea.

Dog Rock                                                 Ba Hang Cave

Dinh Huong Rock                                                            Trong Mai Islet

The ticket to visit Route 1 is 290,000 VND per person. With this price, you can immerse yourself and experience the locations included in the route within 4 hours.

Halong Bay Route 2: Park – Caves Park

Route 2 is the ideal choice for you if you are passionate about exploring islands and caves because it will allow you to experience the following outstanding caves:

Sung Sot Cave (Surprising Cave): With its magnificent and unique beauty, recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage, this famous cave is a must-visit when exploring Ha Long Bay. When visiting this place, you will be treated to a visually stunning feast with a backdrop of countless sparkling stalactites and enchanting lights, creating a mystical beauty.

Titop Island: This island provides the opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the beautiful space of the archipelago and enjoy the cool, fresh air of crystal-clear waters and many enjoyable recreational activities.

Luon Cave: Possesses a primitive and impressive beauty with the combination of bay mountains, water, and sky, creating a dreamy landscape like a watercolor painting. You have the opportunity to not only fully immerse yourself in nature, but also, with luck, perhaps get a sight of wild golden monkeys.

Sung Sot Cave                                                                         Titop Island

With 290,000 VND for each ticket to visit Route 2, you will have 6 hours to immerse yourself in the exciting atmosphere while exploring the top islands and caves in Ha Long Bay.

Oriental Sails and Starlight Cruise are outstanding cruises that provide cruise tours following this route. In addition, the Ha Long Luxury Cruise is also a highlight cruise that includes this route tour within a day. These above cruises are provided by reliable cruise companies that you can refer to.

Halong Bay Route 3: Port – Marine Culture Conservation Center

If you are passionate about exploring culture and history, you should not miss route 3 – an impressive journey. You will experience and learn about culture and history through important locations as follows:

Cua Van fishing village is situated in a tranquil bay on Ha Long Bay, surrounded by majestic mountains and vast expanses of water. When visiting this fishing village, you will immerse yourself in a peaceful atmosphere and the lives of locals and witness the spectacular natural scenery of the islands and sharp limestone mountains. Additionally, you can admire the vibrant, colorful houses of the local fishermen in the Cua Van fishing village.

Ha Long Pearl Museum: At the Ha Long Pearl Museum, you may take in the pristine, lyrical landscape that includes several mountain ranges in the vicinity and watch the entire 5-star OCOP pearl production process in Quang Ninh province, from cultivation to harvesting and processing. Additionally, you are free to purchase elegant, gorgeous pearls.

            Cua Van Fishing Village                                                 Halong Pearl Museum

With tickets priced at 240,000 VND for a maximum visit of 06 or 08 hours, you may tour places just as famous as those on other routes, making this a more cost-effective option than others.

Halong Bay Route 4: Port – Beach Entertainment Center

On Route 4, with a tour time of 8 hours and a ticket price of 240,000 VND for each person, you will experience the daily lives of the fishing village people and explore the most outstanding cave in Bai Tu Long Bay.

Thien Canh Son Cave: Thien Canh Son Cave, known by the locals as Co Cave, provides an authentic experience of majestic, diverse, and untouched nature. Inside the cave, you will immerse yourself in its mystical beauty as numerous pristine limestone stalactites blend with picturesque landscapes.

Vung Vieng Fishing Village: Vung Vieng Fishing Village is a perfect destination for those seeking simplicity and tranquility, far away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Here, at the base of the mountains, you may unwind on the immaculate beach of the fishing community and take in peaceful moments. Additionally, you can experience the fisherman’s lives through joining the locals in catching fish and savoring the fruits of your efforts.


Halong Bay Route 5: Port – Gia Luan Pier

Route 5 from the port to Gia Luan Pier is an engaging journey lasting 6 hours included visiting Thien Cung grotto or 3 hours for cruising straight from Port to Gia Luan pier of Cat Ba island. Ticket price is 290,000 VND per ticket, this journey takes you through famous landmarks such as Thien Cung Grotto, Dau Go Grotto, Cho Da Rock, Ba Hang Cave, Dinh Huong Rock, and Fighting Cock Rocks. This is a terrific opportunity to explore the unique natural beauty and this area’s rich history. Upon arrival Gia Luan pier you can have many choices to transfer to Cat Ba town which is 17 km through Cat Ba island. Chose the type of vehicle to Cat Ba: take taxi/ private car: 500,000VNĐ (23.00USD) or Xe ôm (motor bike): 250,000VNĐ (10.00USD) or Xe buýt (Shuttle bus): 50,000VNĐ (2.30USD)

Simple Tips for a Smooth Ha Long Route Experience

– Tickets may be purchased at the Hon Gai Passenger Port and Tuan Chau Port ticket offices, as well as at tourist destinations on the Bay and through travel agencies for a comprehensive package.

– The ticket cost for visiting Ha Long Bay is 290,000 VND per person, which includes a 250,000 VND fee for sightseeing tickets along the route and an entrance fee of 40,000 VND.

– Children who are 1.2 meters or taller are charged the same rate as adults (290.000 VND), while those shorter than 1.2 meters can enter for free.

– The tour ticket price is only valid for one-time use per person. The validity period for those purchasing overnight tickets on the bay is from 12 a.m. to 12 p.m. the day before.

– The bay offers several designated routes, each with its own set of attractions. Should tourists wish to explore additional spots within a specific route, they must purchase tickets for the entire line, encompassing all the sightseeing points along the way.