Vung Vieng peaceful fishing village

Nestled among the thousands of romantic islands on Ha Long Bay, Vung Vieng fishing village impresses visitors with the simple things of people’s life here.

Vung Vieng gate

Vung Vieng fishing village is about 25km from mainland. From Tuan Chau harbor, tourists can take a boat to Vung Vieng fishing village. In the village, tourists can only take bamboo boat to roaming around.

Tourists go to visit Vung Vieng community house by rowing boats

Perhaps it is strange at first to hear the name “Vung Vieng”, but after that, surely you will feel interesting without laughing. Since ancient times, boats from Hai Phong have to go through the fishing village to trade with China. They stop here to cook lunch. Due to the high waves, rice cookers are soaked, so the fishermen called this place “Vung Venh”, but then people discovered that if passing through the gate into the bay, then the fisherman changed the village name into Vung Vieng.

Floating house in Vung Vieng village

Experience fishing village life

If you need a space to rest and feel peace, Vung Vieng fishing village will be the ideal destination for you. Being immersed in nature, floating on the boat watching the mountains dreaming, feeling the cool wind of the sea …all tired will gradually disappear.

Overnight in Vung Vieng is also a very pleasant experience. At the community living room will have small room for rent to tourists to enjoy the night here. This is a unique tourist products, attract tourists, especially foreign visitors.

Tourists see a variety of fishes in the pond

From Vung Vieng fishing village, tourists can also visit some islands such as the face of the Devil, Bay Gieng … or bathing in small beaches in Van Giai or Ngoc Vung. The pristine beach is suitable for small groups. From Vung Vieng, it only takes about 3 hours to get to Quan Lan Island – a beautiful island in Quang Ninh.

Experience peaceful fishing village life in Vung Vieng

After a hectic day with a rhythm of life, a trip to the nature will be a useful remedy to help your spirit more relaxed and relaxed.