The “Three peaches” beach and the romantic love story!

With the clear blue water and white sand beach, “Three peaches” beach always receives the favor of tourists, especially international tourists. The beach is located near Cat Ba Island, more than 20 km of the Bai Chay port to the South East, known for its wild natural beauty and poetic scenery.

The "Three peaches" beach and the romantic love story! The “Three peaches” beach and the romantic love story!

Tourists come here besides swimming and visiting, they are also curious about the name of this beach. The people said that the shape of three mountains embracing this beautiful beach resembles the shape of the three fairy peaches, so they call it is the “Three peaches” beach. There are also people believe that this name comes from a romantic love story. About a beautiful fairy who fell in love with the worldly boy, she wanted an immortal life for her lover, then they could be together forever. So she stole three fairy peaches to give him. Unfortunately, the Jade Emperor was very angry and he turned three peaches into three mountains to stop their love. Although he did not have an immortal life, they still love each other until the rest of their lives. Since then, this beach was called “Three peaches”, evidence to endless love. It was also believed that when a couple came to this place to travel, they would receive blessings and happiness.

The "Three peaches" beach and the romantic love story! The “Three peaches” beach and the romantic love story!

This is also an ideal place for tourists because of the clear blue water, light wind, and moderate water level. Each island has its own rich and variety of flora and fauna. Each stone carries strange and interesting shape. It is an ideal place to organize events, memories, or take beautiful photos.

It is said that “Beautiful roses are roses with thorns”, The Three peaches beach is very beautiful and lyrical, but not every time visitors can enjoy this beauty. Because of every day, the beach only shows its beauty from 2 to 3 hours, the rest, it is hidden in the water level. Therefore, tourists should consider the tide before starting the journey. Guests can also choose to travel by tourist companies, using a boat or cruise across the mysterious Lan Ha Bay to the Three Peaches beach. Oriental Sails built an ideal schedule –  3-day and 2-night – by Calypso Cruise. The travelers will have a great experience when discovering the mysterious Lan Ha Bay and choose the best time to soak in the clear blue water of Three peaches beach.