Soi Sim beach – must-see attraction in Halong

Located at the foot of Soi Sim island, 10 km from Bai Chay port, Soi Sim beach have a long white sand line, clear blue water, and quiet space.

The seawater is so clear that tourists can see the little fish swimming around. Sport man really love this place for scuba diving. Today, apart from Titop, Soi Sim beach has been renovated to serve many tourists coming here.

Alternatively, if tourists want to change the atmosphere, they can climb on the top of Soi Sim Island, where the view is very beautiful. In order to meet the needs of tourists, the Bay Management has also built the stone steps from the foot to the top, much more convenient.

Because of the above, Soi Sim beach is a famous spot for tourists, and the island is also the ideal stopover of the cruise on Halong Bay.