Historical sites, beaches, attractions can not be missed when coming to Ha Long

Come to Ha Long Bay, tourists can roaming around the bay to see variety of limestone islands with its majestic structure and shape. Some of the beaches, islands, caves are prominent, attracting many tourists to visit


Thien Cung grotto is located in the north of Dau Go island, 4km from the harbor to the south. This is one of the most beautiful caves in Ha Long. The 10,000m² wide with complex structure, many stone layers. Everywhere in the cave, we can see a lot of stalagmites with strange shapes.

Thien Cung grotto

Dau Go cave: Along with the Dau Go island chain, about 300m from the Thien Cung cave. Dau Go is a large, beautiful cave with unique features, the French called it “Cave of wonders”. The cave has a diverse fauna and flora. Due to the wide opening of the cave, plant take much sunlight and moisture which create the diversity of the flora, especially mosses and ferns. wood tree … This is a distinctive feature compared to many other caves in Ha Long Bay.

The Me Cung cave is located on Lo Bo Island, about 2km south-west of Ti-Top Island. Look at the distance, Me Cung cave look like a big roof deep-rooted into the island. The Me Cung cave has a complex structure with many levels, many chambers, a more than 100 meters hall, rising to the west and looking down to a small lake called Ho Me.

Virgin and Male Grotto: Located on the two wings of a small mountain in the east of Bo Hon Island, more than 3km from the south of Sung Sot Cave. Two caves 700-800m apart by a small bay. The gates are opposite to each other. From one cave tourists can shout out to other.

Virgin and Trong Grotto

These caves not only have many stalactites and beautiful scenery, but also attract visitors because of a very touching story. In a cave there is a rock that looks like a girl lying with her hair reaching out to the sea, it’s called the Virgin. The other cave has a very tall stalactite column that looks like a giant guy looking out to sea. The fishermen say that on rainy days the wind blows loudly on the cliffs like the drum beat and they call this cave drum.

Soi Sim Island: Located at the foot of Soi Sim island, 10 km from Bai Chay port, Soi Sim beach have a long white sand line, clear blue water, and quiet space. The seawater is so clear that tourists can see the little fish swimming around. Sport man really love this place for scuba diving. Today, apart from Titop, Soi Sim beach has been renovated to serve many tourists coming here.

Ti Top Island: An island with slopy steeps, with a shallow white sandy beach. Cruises always come here for sightseeing and for tourists to swim. Visitors can alsso climb to the top of the mountain to view the whole island. From above, Ti Tốp Beach is shaped like a full moon embracing the island. Unlike many other tourist destinations on Ha Long Bay, in addition to beautiful natural scenery, Ti Tốp Island also owns a beautiful beach, called Ti Tốp beach. Beach area is not large but quiet, airy and very clean.

Ti Top Island

Luon cave: a huge cave system, each cave has its own beauty and the stories attached to it. One of the typical caves is Luon cave located on the island of Bo Hon, 14 km from Bai Chay harbor. Here you can see the stalactites are built for millions of years in various shapes and sizes. In front of the cave is the island of Tortoise, on the right is the Heaven Gate.

Sửng Sốt cave: located in the heart of the World Heritage Ha Long Bay, on the island of Hon Hon. Inside of Sung Sot cave are fossil stalactites with extremely rich shapes. Sung Sot Cave is located in the center of many famous tourist sites of Ha Long (Ti Top beach – Bo Nau Cave – Me Cung Cave – Luon Cave – Sung Sot Cave). The French once called this cave “Grotte des surprises” which mean Big Surprise.

Sung Sot cave

Tuan Chau Island is the most beautiful island of 1,969 islands in Ha Long Bay, which is also inhabited by people. This is the largest artificial coast in Vietnam. Cool beach with white sand is an ideal place to have fun and participate in exciting water sports.

Cua van fishing village


Quan Lan Island: located in Van Don District, about 55 km from Halong city. Quan Lan Island is known as a beautiful sea tourist attraction, alluring visitors by the green space, beautiful landscape, and fresh air. On the island there are many historical sites, marking the glorious victory of our ancestor in the struggle against foreign invaders. In the summer, Quan Lan has so many indispensable destinations which are beautiful such as Son Hao, Chan Tien … At here, visitors can choose the resort near the beach, participate in camp fire, exchange with local people, go fishing, swimming.

Ngoc Vung is an island of about 30 km2 in Bai Tu Long Bay, about 40km from the center of Cam Pha town, about 35km from Tuan Chau harbor. Previously, the people on the island specialized in pearl aquaculture. Pearls in Tuan Chau are famous of its beauty and bright color. At night, from the cruise, tourists can look at Ngoc Vung and see a slightly halo of pearl around the island. On Ngoc Vung, there is a mountain named Van Xuan is 182m high where has ancient Cong Yen harbor under the trading system of Van Don from the 12th century.

Quan Lan Island is known as a beautiful sea tourist attraction

Dragon Eye: Dragon Eye Island with an area of about 30 hectares is also known by the name of Bai Dong island. The island is located in the southern part of Ha Long Bay. The most attractive point of Dragon Eye Island is in the wild, primitive scenes. If you take a trip by seaplane, you will understand why this island is called the Dragon Eye. The island lies between the majestic mountains. And if you watch the cool blue water of the island you will only want to immerse yourself in a place that seems to be able to see through the bottom.

Bai Tho is located in the middle of Ha Long with a mysterious appearance that attracts visitors at first sight. From different angles, the mountain at the time looks like a lion, or a flying dragon. From the peak of Bai Tho which is high 168m – one of the highest mountains in Ha Long, visitors can see most of the main roads of Ha Long City – the capital of Quang Ninh province as well as di Natural World of Halong Bay.

Bai Tho mountain – photo: ig @mostamazinglocation

Quang Ninh Museum: Quang Ninh Museum – Library is a unique architectural art. From outside the museum look like a black mirror reflecting the image of the sky in Ha Long, plus the font of the Museum impressive enough to take a dozen virtual photos. On the inside, everyone must be overwhelmed by the spacious space. With 3 floors, Quang Ninh Museum provides the complete view of nature and Quang Ninh’s people. The museum is open on weekdays, except Monday, from 8am to 5pm. Tickets to visit the museum will be 30,000 VND / time / person with adults; and VND 10,000 / time / person for children.

Dragon Park: If you go crowded, want to have fun, explore and try out the strong feelings, Dragon Park will be very suitable. This is the largest theme park in Southeast Asia. Dragon theme park is located in the Sun World Group Park having more than 30 games of all kinds.

Queen Cable car crosses the gate of Cua Luc Bay, connecting from Bai Chay beach to Ba Deo (Hon Gai, Ha Long city). Tourists are all overwhelmed by the scene of Ha Long Bay from this cable car. Whether it’s a day or a night, the scenery that you experience is awesome! Located on the top of Ba Deo Hills, the Sun Wheel is Vietnam’s second largest and one of the largest wheel on the world. From it, you can watch Ha Long Bay from the height of 215m above sea level!

Queen Cable car connecting from Bai Chay beach to Ba Deo, Hon Gai

Ba Vang Pagoda: Located on the middle of Thanh Dang Mountain, the Pagoda is also called Bao Quang Tu, commonly known as Ba Vang. At night, the temple is lit up to create an extremely desolate scene. The pagoda is located at 340m, in front of the Bach Dang River, far away is the port city of Hai Phong. On the left are the mountains of Thanh Long, on the right is the White Tiger Mountain.

Yen Tu Pagoda: Ha Long tourism is not only have the sea. If you want to go to explore about religious, visitors should come to Yen Tu. This is a system of temples, am, towers and forests of ancient trees mixed with nature.