Activities to explore Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba, a precious jewel of Hai Phong city, 30km from Hai Phong city center and 25km from Ha Long city. Cat Ba is a beautiful and poetic island. On Cat Ba main island, there is a primitive forest on limestone mountains, in the southeast of the island, there is Lan Ha bay, in the southwest, there is Cat Gia bay, there is some small beach, but clean.

Activities in Cat Ba Island Activities in Cat Ba Island. Photo: Pixabay

Cat Ba Island has been known by tourists because of the mysterious and majestic nature. If you love nature, you want to have a summer vacation at the clear, clean and white sand beach – The beaches in Cat Ba island is one of the best choices.

Cat Co 1,2 and 3, the beaches are not too big but discreet, clear water. The beaches are connected by a small route along the mountainside. Cat Co 1 beach is the largest and attractive, lying around the mountain, fresh air and clear blue water, which is the place for travelers to rest and swim frequently. Cat Co 2 beach is peaceful and mixed with some mystery. Cat Co 3 beach has a relatively modern color. On the shore, outside the entertainment area is a small complex of guest houses built in a small style suitable for all families.

Activities in Cat Ba Island Activities in Cat Ba Island. Photo: Pixabay

The beach has many waves and quite deep, suitable to own swimmers with many years of experience. After bathing, relaxing on the sand, visitors will feel the beauty of the beach, enjoy the cool air, or watch the beautiful sunrise and sunset pictures on the island. Especially, here after 18:30 there will be no people at the beach to ensure safety because the tide is very fast.

If you are a person who likes to explore, Cai Beo Fishing Village is an indispensable part, this fishing village is built on the surface of the sea, including many boat houses and floating houses, close together. Fishing village residents are associated with fishing and tourism. If traveling by group, tourists often hire big boats and boats, but in order to understand the life of coastal residents, there is nothing more interesting than sitting on the ferry. Looking at the beauty of the picturesque landscape of Cai Beo, visitors will listen to many interesting and close share of a fishing village through the story of the boatman.

Activities in Cat Ba Island Activities in Cat Ba Island. Photo: Pixabay

Through the fishing village, through the small islands, the boat will head straight to Monkey Island. Island is attracted by the clear beach, and the interesting point is that there are about 20 monkeys on the island, they often play and interact with guests.

A bright spot in the southeast of the island is Lan Ha Bay is considered the second Ha Long Bay in the North, Lan Ha Bay features the spectacular beauty of about 400 dense and small islands, with many interesting shapes.
Explore Lan Ha Bay the second Ha Long Bay in the North Explore Lan Ha Bay the second Ha Long Bay in the North

All the islands in Lan Ha Bay are covered with trees, even if they are small islands. Lan Ha Bay has 139 beautiful, clean sandy beaches. Many sandy beaches stretch between two rocky mountains, calm sea and small waves, are really ideal beaches for tourists. In addition, for those who like diving and watching coral, Van Bo and Van Ha beaches can be selected…

To be able to feel the full beauty of the limestone islands as well as the poetic scenery of the Lan Ha bay, visitors can explore the bay by kayak.

Explore Cat Ba National Park Explore Cat Ba National Park

You can rent a motorbike to go to the fortress of the Shen Gong to see the panoramic view of Cat Ba Island from above. in there, Cat Ba island appeared with the sea, mountains, are extremely beautiful. Do you like ecotourism? Cat Ba Island has Cat Ba National Park, with various and rich flora and fauna that is an attraction not to be missed when traveling to Cat Ba Island. When you come here, you should try the feeling of walking in the forest, cycling on the winding road in the forest, enjoying in the attractive natural scenery.