Enjoying Halong Bay – a Masterpiece of Nature.

Nowadays, Vietnam is well-known to friends around world with many beauty-spots, historical sites and friendly people, as one of the safest countries. Halong Bay is one of the most impressive destination of our country, where has not only the masterpiece beauty of nature but also marked the national history. Currently, the overnight on board in Ha Long Bay is becoming more popular tour instead of staying at the hotel on the shore, which stand out as the tourist boat Oriental Sails and Calypso Cruiser.

This type of tour is not only attractive to foreign visitors but also for Vietnamese as this is the most convenient option, combining both sightseeing and accommodation on one boat, helping visitors to admire and gently enjoy the beautiful scenery of Ha Long Bay.

Dau Be Island Halong Bay

Not only take tourists to visit Ha Long Bay, Oriental Sails are also highlighting their differences from a lot of other boats. With an oriental style of architecture, Oriental Sails were designed in a medium size should suitable with almost needs of visitors at level 3 and 4 stars. All the boats of Oriental Sails Company always put the satisfaction and safety of visitors to the top. Tourists always get warm, sociable during the trip.


In addition to good service, attention to people issues, hygiene and food safety, Oriental Sails has invested modern technical equipments such as fire extinguisher, fire alarm system, and automatic pump systems… The staff and crew on board are well trained and always split the shift to look after the boat 24 hours a day.


Oriental Sails is also one of the first fleet in Ha Long Bay has invested to purchase insurance for all clients on tour. Recently, Oriental Sails has signed a contract to buy insurance for tourists at a maximum compensation is 10,000 USD. So in more than 2 year operation, Oriental Sails asserted a firm position and be trusted by many companies and travelers.


Discover Halong Bay with Oriental Sails, visitors will surely be pleased with the service level, friendly staff and absolutely safe to enjoy Ha Long Bay – a masterpiece of nature.