Corrugata – special clam of Ha Long – delicious food less people know

Referring to Halong specialties, surely many visitors will immediately think of squid cake. Ha Long squid is delicious, juicy and sweet. However, there are some delicious and nutritious dishes that few people know about.

Corrugata steamed – Special clam of Ha Long –  delicious food

Corrugata is a type of molluscs living in salt water and brackish water, slightly clam like, live throughout from the South to the North. But the most delicious Corrugata only found in Halong Bay.

Corrugata – Special clam of Ha Long –  delicious food

Live Corrugata is cut, blood pour straight into alcohol, people called Corrugata alcohol. Those who don’t want to drink it raw can warm up the alcohol first and add the blood after, it’s called Sake. Corrugata is believed can improve the men’s health, so the price is quite expensive.

Corrugata grilled – Special clam of Ha Long –  delicious food

Besides alcohol, the food is made into simple dishes, not sophisticated to keep the sweet, natural taste inherent. Corrugata can be used to steam, cook porridge or make salad.