Some useful experience to Ha Long

Some useful experience to Ha Long Bay
Ha Long Bay – twice been recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage Site, has been honored as “one of the seven new natural wonders of the world.” Healthy marine environment, ecosystem diversity, many natural destinations, vy period with the title achieved, Ha Long Bay is becoming one of the points to attract domestic and foreign tourists. Ha Long Bay covers an area of about 1.553km2, including 1,969 islands, mostly limestone, of which the core area of the Gulf has an area of 334km2 clustered dense 775 large and small islands. Bay has excellent scenery, extensive cave systems, preserving many traditional cultural values, historical monuments, temples, pagodas and shrines. The beauty of Ha Long Bay is made up of three elements: stone, water and sky. Island systems was Ha Long’d still state. Contours, textures and colors of the island mountain, sea blend with the sky create a beautiful picture wearing.


Halong bay sunset

Ha Long Bay
Ha Long Bay is located in the north of Vietnam, there are four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter and clear. Almost at any time throughout the year can also travel to Ha Long Bay, the best of which will be on from May 4 to May 10. Weather in these months is quite cool and pleasant.
Although like that, but you can also come here in the winter months 12, 1 and 2. The weather can be quite cold and cloudy, occasional rain while waving. But in the summer but there are a lot of tourists come here to rest and sightseeing, but sometimes crowded in this place more enjoyable is empty. But during the summer months from May to October, temperatures rise and you may encounter storms in the rainy season.

The destination
Ha Long Bay, visitors can take a scenic cruise to. Look at the beautiful island on the bay, the island is like someone is heading to the mainland – more than First; island is like a dragon hovering above the water – Hon Dragon; island is like a old man sitting fishing – Hon La Vong; athletic brown and the other two sails are turning waves at sea – than butterflies; then two chicken lovingly playing with each other on the waves – over the roof; standing in the middle of the sea immense country a giant incense as an object of sacrifice heaven and earth – rock Lu Huong … and the floating of the fishermen on the Gulf.

warm islet - Halong Bay

Located in Bai Tu Long Bay, Kettle Island is an island floating on the water brought silhouette of a vase (warm) water almost completely. It’s like the pot’s forgotten realms heavenly places on earth, so visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the show today.

Over the roof.

Along the bay shore resort is usually known as Bai Chay. Guests can relax and swim here. If travelers prefer quiet and pristine, you can take a boat to the island of Co To dive and see the beautiful coral reefs.

Besides, tourists can not visit Tuan Chau island, the most famous resorts in the North and is the most beautiful island in the 1969 islands in Ha Long Bay. Also this is the only island populated. The water and beach games such as: beach volleyball, soccer, windsurfing, canoes pulled though, motorcycle high speed water slide will give you a holiday refreshment, fun and impressive. In particular, visitors can admire and enjoy the Vietnamese culinary dishes in Garden. This garden was built in the style of a unique simulation architecture Vietnamese royal 17th and 18th centuries.

Halong huge cave system, each cave has its own beauty and the stories attached to it. Guests may choose to visit Luon cave is located on Bo Hon Island, Bai Chay 14km to see the doll stalactites that formed over millions of years with many different shapes and sizes.

Luon cave is located in the northeastern tip of Bo Hon Island, Sung Sot Cave more than 1km. Over the years, this is one of the attractive destinations for international tourists to visit Ha Long Bay …


Luon Cave - Halong Bay

The reason for the name Hang Luon because this is a closed circular arc mountains, in the middle of a blue lake calm, with the sea through a tunnel created by a cave floor flooded. Luon cave is nearly 60 meters long, the roof of the cave height from 2.5 m to 4 m depending on the tide.

monkey on Halong bay islands


In particular, there is a “special tour” that tourists love, it’s a boat ride to the foot of the mountain to watch the gold monkeys and shoot them.
Kayaking on Halong Bay Vietnam


If you prefer to temple worship, tourists visit Yen Tu relic.This is a temple system, am, the tower and forest trees intertwined with the natural landscape, the beauty of Yen Tu is the wonders of ancient mountains along the stroke system taciturn am, with towerroad parts, tree, architecture, tomorrow.

halong bay vietnam

halong bay by night

Delicious seafood
1. Sá horns
Do not be mistaken with the geckos. Sá devotee looks a bit like earthworms, are often dried up and roughness with alcohol. In addition, roads devotees can also be used to cook soup, water will be very aromatic and sweet. Its price is not cheap.

Sa Horn

Sa Horn – Halong Bay

2.Grilled squid
Famous squid ball can not forget the name. In the afternoon, you can go to the market to buy the fresh batch of ink has been fried hot. Wow, delicious. A lot of people have the opportunity to visit Halong buy this dish as a gift.

Grilled squid - Halong Bay

Grilled squid – Halong Bay

3.Con Ha

Con Ha - Halong Bay

Con Ha – Halong Bay

This kind of little deep in the ground should be dug fisherman must take some effort, so the price of it also forces you to consider! A bowl of crab soup scented galaxy immense smoke will hold your feet to stay with this northeastern coastal city.
Fragrant grilled Ha extremely attractive people drinking.

4.Con crab

Con crab

Con crab – Halong Bay

Crab is not the most delicious dishes of Ha Long but can not be on the menu of seafood dishes today


Shopping and price
Overall prices in Ha Long is not too expensive for a famous resort. Guests can shop for clothes a bit more expensive than other places. Eating in the restaurant is also quite popular. But visitors also need to ask to determine the price before you decide to buy or rent something.
In addition, the price of a bus ticket from Hanoi to Ha Long around 60,000. Price motorcycle taxi from the bus station in Bai Chay tourist area average 15,000 dong per person. If to Hon Gai, you can take up to 40,000 VND per person. You should take a taxi if group of 3 people or more. Private bus from the bus station to Bai Chay or Hon Gai, the highest price of 5,000 dong per person.

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