Discovering Halong Bay in your own style

People have compared that Halong Bay is like a giant natural museum, a heaven garden making everyone feel lost in its attractive beauty.

Discovering Halong Bay in your own style

Halong Bay is contained many values of the natural landscape, geology, geomorphology, history and culture, etc. Moreover, every visitor coming Halong Bay wants to discover all its the beauty. Just coming to Halong Bay in one time, you will have chance to discover the caves in the wilderness like the heaven with the attractive history and culture of people living in Halong Bay.

There are many ways to discover Halong Bay, especially staying overnight on cruisers. Halong Bay cruisers are considered one of the impressed services. Imagining staying in the luxury cruisers and relaxing with the natural landscape of Halong Bay, visitors will see the green pure water of Halong Bay.  If you are in honeymoon trip, travelling Halong Bay on the luxury cruisers is a wise decision. Besides that, kayaking is good choice to discover Halong Bay. You can easily buy the tour Halong Bay with the reasonable price. Because there are many companies are focusing to organize Halong Bay trip on the luxury cruisers.

Taking part in the kayaking tour in Halong Bay, tourists can discover the beautiful wild spaces like Luon cave, three peach beach, Ba Ham Lake, Ba Men temple, Dau Be island, etc. One of Australian travelers shared the most impression of him was creeping into the cave by kayaking.

To meet the need of tourists, many travel companies have launched the small boats which is suitable to family. All members of the family have the new experience by ordering their own destinations in Halong Bay.

Cua Van  and  Ba Hang fishing village are the famous destinations for many tourists. Moreover, the travelers have the other activities such as fishing, discovering karst, diving, etc.

Discovering Halong Bay always contains the interesting and attractive things for all people. To feel the deep of Halong’s beauty, you should discover it by your own style.