Halong specialities: Quang Yen fermented pork roll and Tien Yen steam cake

Quang Yen fermented pork roll

Speaking of fermented pork roll people often think of Thanh Hoa, but there is another place which is Quang Yen where also famous for this food.

Quang Yen fermented pork roll Ha long specility

Quang Yen fermented pork roll is bigger than Thanh Hoa. The ingredients that make up this dish are the same, but the secret of processing is different. Pork skin are cut into thin string, mixed with fried rice, peanut,… and seasoned.

Quang Yen fermented pork roll Halong specility

If you have the opportunity to travel to Quang Ninh tourists should buy it as a gift for family.

Tien Yen steamed cake
All over the land of Quang Ninh people can find a lot of restaurant which sell steamed cake, but the cake in Tien Yen is more famous and delicious..

Tien Yen steamed cake

The secret which make this cake is so famous in Tien Yen is the rice. Rice in Tien Yen much soft, white and have better flavor than anywhere else in Quang Ninh. Rice is soaked overnight, smashed with water to create a white mixture.
The dish is eaten with fish sauce which have light flavor. When holding the cake in hand, it’s so soft that it would fall down immediately, look just like a person who nob their head. That’s why some people call it nob cake.
Tourists have come to Ha Long also should try a delicious and unique dish.