Halong Bay Sweet Home

Ha Long Bay is admired and visited by all travelers around the world not only because of its nature beauty but also its residents and cultural feature. The water of the Bay has been home to humble fishermen for generations, an essential part of Vietnamese traditional life.   The best way to discover and enjoy both the natural and cultural beauty of Ha Long Bay in a short time is to find a reputable tour operator with deep local knowledge. One such operator is Oriental Sails, which offers both comfort and adventure. Oriental Sails operates 3 and 4-star tourist cruises with high quality amenities, traditional décor and Oriental style.     Besides visiting famous caves, Oriental Sails reveals Ha Long’s natural charms through activities such as kayaking, swimming and learning to cook special local dishes using fresh seafood. A new special option for tourists is climbing on the limestone mountains that form such an indelible part of Ha Long’s landscape; the mountain peaks provide an amazing vantage point to take the entire spectacle of the Bay. After hours doing rock climbing and kayaking, tourists are welcomed back to their cruises with delicious cocktails and food. Almost special food requirements such as vegetarian, diet meals can be served. Oriental Sails’ tour guides are very knowledgeable and well trained who make a bridge between tourists and the destination; help everyone to enjoy the Bay’s beauty by their own way. There are also many special activities for occasions such as honeymoons, birthdays and anniversaries as well as holiday packages for Christmas, New Year, etc.   Sometimes, the most remarkable part of a magnificent work art is at the smallest details. That is why the highlight of the masterpiece, however, might be found where you expect at least. Oriental Sails boats take passengers through some fishing villages sheltered by idyllic islands where people live simply, humbly and sincerely, far away from the hurried life on mainland. Children curiously looking at tourists through windows of a floating class or old people looking after their grandchildren and contemplating the immense sea with gentle smile—these are the images of Halong Bay that may linger the longest.   Coming to Halong Bay with tourist boats like Oriental Sails, visitors will find the boat is not just a place to rest and relax but also a bridge to connect them to the landscape and to the hearts of the people who call Halong Bay Sweet Home.