Small octopus and Barnacle in Halong

Small octopus
Small octopus is famous in Halong for a long time. The local people here call it the hole-creature because of its life style. The size of small octopus is only equal to the baby’s toes.

Small octopus Halong speciality

The quantity of this octopus is not much. It’s take a long time and difficult to find it under the sand. Before steamed small octopus with Xoan leave, cook must wash all the dust clearly with water and rinse again with fresh water.

Small octopus Halong speciality

When the octopus is undercooked, they turn into pink, people eat them with shrimp paste and Hoanh Bo alcohol.

Everyone knows that Barnacle is a bad and stubborn sea creature, specializing in clinging onto the ship. However, this is a good food with good reputation and price is not cheap.

Sour soup cooked from Barnacle Halong spectiality

There are 3 types of Barnacle named after the place where they live. Sour soup is the most delicious dish that cooked from Barnacle.

To have enough Barnacle for a bowl of soup gets much time of miners. The miners use a special tool that looks like a miniature hammer, one head used to smash the shell, the other used to take meat into a container. The scent of the soup depends on what you cook with Barnacle that have different flavors: cooked with tomatoes; cooking with tamarind, roasting, cooking bamboo shoots, etc. Each dish has its own taste, its own delicious whether hot or cold.