04 delicious seafood dishes to try when coming to Ha Long

1) Ha Long dried squid

Squid is a delicious and famous seafood of Halong. Beside fresh squid, dried squid is also expensive and attract many eat-er. After being caught, squid is place on the shore which exposed to sun for several day, or up to a month to completely dried. Some places use thin squid which is very easy to tear. However, thin squares are not as good as the thick one. Pieces of dried squid are long, sweet, when cooked it has lot of smel. This is also a specialty of Halong that tourists can buy as gifts for relatives and friends.

Dried squid – specialty of Halong that tourists can buy as gifts

 2) Mantis shrimp
Mantis Shrimp has occupied the heart of food lovers because of its sweetness. They look like shrimps and mantis, they live in many parts of the world from temperate and tropical world and in Vietnam they are loved by having high nutritionists and eaten.

Mantis shrimp – specialty of Halong that tourists must try

3) Three-spined stickleback fish
This fish is mainly living in Ha Long Bay, it has small size but the taste is unforgettable. There are 2 kinds of Three-spined stickleback fish: yellow fish and white fish, yellow fish will taste better. They are cooked with green banana. After finish the aroma of fish come with a little sour taste of banana is such a good flavor in winter. Local people always eat this dish with traditional alcohol.

Three-spined stickleback fish – specialty of Halong that tourists must try

4) Solenidae – nails creature

Solenidae – nails creature – specialty of Halong that tourists must try

Called the nail creature because its shape is like the name, long and slightly pointed, dark brown. Solenidae have many in the rainy season: May, June, July is the best, Solenidae meat is tough and crispy. From this kind of seafood one can make many delicious dishes such as steamed, stirred with tamarind, stir-fried with onion,…